Artwork Requirements

What we will need from you to get started!

The preferred file type for most promotional products branding is a Vector Illustrator Eps or PDF files.

These files allow us to accurately manipulate and resize logos without any loss of quality and accuracy. This will ensure the best possible reproduction of your logo on all your promotional products.

Jpegs (.jpg)

Files with the .jpg extension are acceptable for embroidery, but they have to be reillustrated for printing and engraving of metallic promotional products. A high-res .jpg file can also be used for printing digital or offset printing jobs, though it is not a preferred file type.


Embroidery is costed according to the stitch count and not colours - so it does not matter how many colours appear in your logo, you will not be charged per colour as is the case in printing. Most Logos are generally about 7000 -9000 stitches.

Fonts (.ttf)

All fonts must be either converted to outlines/curves or supplied as .ttf (TrueType) files for us to load on our system.

Artwork Checklist:

- Illustrator EPS File, PDF or JPEG ( For embroidery only)

- All Fonts Converted to Outlines

- PMS Colours must be supplied in order for us to recreate your colours correctly.

Don't have the original artwork?

If you do not have the correct file type. We can re-illustrate / redraw your logo for you, at the cost of an hourly rate of $120 to re-create your logo.

This artwork remains your intellectual property and all creative files will be given to you for your future print needs.

Artwork Approval

Once the order has been given - Digital Artwork with exact print dimensions will be drawn up and emailed to you within 24hrs for approval.

Set Up Fees & Pricing

Initial set up fees apply to almost every form of decoration or branding.Set up fees are charged to cover the cost of putting an image onto positive or negative film, making a printing plate for each colour or setting up a jig to ensure each item is branded in exactly the same position. Set up fees will vary from decorator to decorator depending on what is involved in setting up a job for the form of decoration chosen. As a general rule the cost of decorating any item is based on the number of colours involved in the image, whether there is more than one position or image to be applied and the number of items to be decorated.


Offshore Specialty Sourcing of Customised Promotional Products

No matter what custom promotional products you are looking for, we at RealTime Promotions will go to the ends of the earth to find it and if we cannot find it, we can have it designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

Along with the thousands of promotional products already on our website we can also source specialty promotional products and custom products direct from our offshore factories. We can have custom product related items manufactured specifically to suit your marketing campaign.

Generally lead-times for offshore orders are approximately 12 weeks which includes full production samples for you to double check and approve.(Production samples take approximately 2 weeks from sign off of artwork)

We at RealTime Promotions do not believe in using offshore agents to find and deal with manufacturers, which is why we have our own office in Beijing with dedicated multilingual staff who will only deal with the most reputable factories as well as being on the ground and readily available to conduct on site inspections, check quality and production to ensure that you the customer receive true factory direct pricing and performance.

Specifically our China Office provides great benefit in a number of areas:

  - Promotional Product and Factory Sourcing 

 - Factory Quality and workplace ethics evaluations.

 - Order & Freight Management 

 - Development of relationships with selected professional factories (rather than dealing with agents) 

 - Factory and Order Quality Inspections.

 - Purchasing from personally inspected professional factories means we can offer a superior range of products, cutting edge branding techniques, guaranteed quality and a great price on all your imported promotional products.

So, if you have the time and you need something special or just need to order larger quantities direct